Ilai Chapman.

הכשרה ולימודים –

2020 – קורס משחק מול מצלמה (ערן פסח) – זה לא על רגשות.

2019 – קורס משחק מול מצלמה (אודי פרסי)

2018 – סדנת החיילים של ירון אדלשטיין, סמינר הקיבוצים.

2017 – 2019 – מדור תרבות – להקות צבאיות ותיאטרון צה”ל

טלוויזיה –

2023 – “לעוף על אנה” (ניקולודיאון) בימוי:  איתי מורג

2022 – שומקום (ניקולודאיון) בימוי: רני סער

2022 – “אינפיניטי” (זום) בימוי: רינה הורן

2022 – מי שמע על חווה ונאווה (יס) בימוי: גורי אלפי

“שישו ושמחו” תפקיד ראשי (כאן) – 2021

2020 – “מקיף מילאנו” עונות 1-3 תפקיד ראשי. (“כאן”) בימוי: עודד לוטן

כישורים נוספים –

נגן מצטיין.


שפות –

עברית – שפת אם

אנגלית – רמה גבוהה


Ilai Chapman
Ilai Chapman
Ilai Chapman
Ilai Chapman
Ilai Chapman
Ilai Chapman
Ilai Chapman
Ilai Chapman
Ilai Chapman




The Internet is now the largest repository of information freedom for all users and for people with disabilities in particular.

As such, we place great emphasis on making the site accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. All in order to enable a better, more enjoyable and enjoyable surfing experience.

At the same time, we strive to ensure that digital services are accessible to people with disabilities, and that a great deal of resources have been invested in order to facilitate the use of the site for the entire population, in the belief that everyone has the right to live in equality, dignity, convenience and independence.


How does accessibility work?

The site has an accessibility icon.

Pressing the icon allows you to open the accessibility options. After selecting a menu item, wait for the page to load.


What are the options?

- Enable keyboard navigation

- Increase the site font to 5 different sizes

- Stopping moving elements and blocking flickers

- Change color contrast based on dark background

- Change the color contrast based on a light background

- Website matching for color blind

- Change the font to read more

- Increase the cursor and change its color to black or white

- Increasing the display to about 200%

- Highlight links on the site

- Highlighting titles on the site

- Display an alternative description of the pictures Accessibility declaration

- Sending accessibility feedback


In spite of our efforts to allow access to an accessible site for all the pages of the site, pages on the site may not be discovered, or the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found.

We continue our efforts to improve the site's accessibility, as much as possible, out of a moral belief and commitment to allow the site to be used for the entire population, including people with disabilities.

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